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Accipiter brevipes, see Levant Sparrowhawk
Accipiter cirrocephalus, see Collared Sparrowhawk
Accipiter coo@crit, see Cooper's Hawk
Accipiten gentilis, see Northern Goshawk
Accipiten nisus, see Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Accipiter striatus, see Sharp-shinned Hawk
Accipiter trivirgatus, see Crested Goshawk
Aegolius acadicus, see Northern Saw-whet Owl
Aegolius funereus, see Boreal Owl
Aegypius monachus, see Cinereous Vulture
Aegypius tracheliotus, see Lappet-faced Vulture
African Fish Eagle

literature, 13

African Hawk-Eagle

taxonomy and systematics, 69

American Kestrel

accessing nests, 174

assessing nesting success and productivity, 185
augmenting wild populations and food resources, 402, 403
captive breeding, 383, 384, 389, 390, 391, 391
capture techniques, 195, 198, 199, 205, 206, 207, 208, 211, 215
food habits, 130, 133, 134

literature, 19

marking techniques, 227, 228, 230, 232, 233
migration counts and monitoring, 108

mitigation, 367, 370


ectoparasites, 313

endoparasites, 319


gastrointestinal, 268, 269, 27l, 273, 274

hematological, 279, 281

reproductive, 286, 287, 287, 288, 289

reducing management and research disturbance, 355, 360 toxicology, 330, 334, 340

Andean Condor

augmenting wild populations and food resources, 405

captive breeding, 396, 398

capture techniques, 201

toxicology, 337

Aplomado Falcon

augmenting wild populations and food resources, 405

captive breeding, 384, 386, 389

capture techniques, 198

mitigation, 377

Aquila adalbertt', see Spanish Imperial Eagle
Aquila audax, see Wedge-tailed Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos, see Golden Eagle

Aquila clanga, see Greater Spotted Eagle
Aquila heliaca, see Asian Imperial Eagle
Aquila nipalensis, see Steppe Eagle

Aquila pomarina, see Lesser Spotted Eagle
Aquila verreauxii, see Verreaux's Eagle
Asian Imperial Eagle

augmenting wild populations and food resources, 404

capture techniques, 211

identification, ageing, and sexing, 53

literature, 22


reproductive, 287

spatial tracking

satellite tracking, 246

taxonomy and systematics, 69

Asio flammeus, see Short-eared Owl

Asio otus, see Long-eared Owl

Athene cunicularia, see Burrowing Owl
Athene noctua, see Little Owl

Tag: acadicus accipiter aegolius aegypius african american andean aplomado aquila asian asio athene audax boreal brevipes burrowing chrysaetos cinereous cirrocephalus clanga collared condor crested cunicularia eagle eurasian falcon fish flammeus funereus gentilis golden goshawk greater hawk hawkeagle heliaca imperial kestrel lesser levant marking monachus nipalensis nisus noctua otus owl pomarina spanish sparrowhawk spotted steppe striatus tracheliotus tracking trivirgatus verreauxii vulture



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