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As a Member Do You Have a Study or Banding Project that could be assisted by:
                   - other Members?
                   - the Public?


What we need from the Members!

This site is where we want to have biologists post any desired details, urls, images or videos of their studied. This site will not just facilite private correspondence between biologists but where desireable make the basic information available to the public along with ways the public can contribute with observations on marked birds, help in funding your study, or participation if this is needed. 

We would love to have interactive programs posted here with supporting archived images or videos (or live cams!) of your project that would show the migration, local or international, of your bird project.

One of the public features of this part would be to show the pubic, but particularly the teachers & students, how & where birds migrate and how  "you" study this.  You can url to your existing site or mount the programs & data here -- we will provide the space & bandwidth.

Privacy vs  Public Access:    As with all these programs, different parts or discussions or data can be kept to "members only" or be open to the public.  This is always the posters choice.