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HWF Sponsorship:   The Relationship Between Hancock Wildlife Foundation, Hancock House Publishers & David Hancock

Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) is a Not-for-Profit foundation  in Canada and the USA.  Our Charitable Tax status was recently approved in Canada, #83124 7127 RR0001, and the USA Tax Application is filed and dated September 30, 2010.   The  Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) was established in 2006 to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. This quickly expanded to support live streaming videos in bald eagle nests, salmon spawning streams, white spirit bears denning  and key habitat areas. We will be supporting any of the Raptor News  membership projects. 

Hancock House Publisher Ltd. was started by David to sustain him and his family. Now David is further turning over the research and educational elements of the commercial venture to the not-for-profit  Foundations.  As of this year Hancock House Publishers is turning the  promotion and sales of all wildlife books over to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation so that the Foundation can derive a profitable funding source for its operations. The Hancock House existing fullfilment services will still be used.

"My life has been long and so intimately involved with raptors that I wanted some opportunity to further communicate – and donate – on various raptor projects"

Historic Note on David Hancock:

"I started out breeding bandtail pigeons and ringneck pheasants at age 10; caught my first coopers hawk at 11 (Frank Beebe told me how to modify my California quail traps to catch hawks – which I did the very day I first met him!);  was collecting peregrines from the Queen Charlotte Islands off the BC coast each of my last highschool years as I accompanied Frank on his Peales studies and collecting expeditions for our hunting falcons;  became so enamored with bird flight I passed all my written exams and flying tests at 15 (they would not give me the pilots license until I became 16!);  was a pioneering raptor and seabird rehabilitator in the 1950-60's;  did some of the early pioneering aerial surveys on waterfowl and bald eagles in British Columbia;   became a commercial pilot but then decided to go to university to become a wildlife biologist.;  did my thesis on bald eagles;  had the world's first major captive breeding project on peregrines (Frank Beebe, who lived next door, bred his birds the year before my 3 pairs bred);  and was involved with RRF, NAFA and the Whooping Crane Foundation at the founding meetings. After paying my  way through university by photo-journalism my early career was making wildlife films and more recently my publishing company became a pioneer in Live Wildlife CAM distribution when our bald eagle nest cams were watched by over 53,000,000 people in a month. This project was turned over to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, a non-for-profit society.. Now Hancock House Publishers produces more raptor related books in sceince, rehab and falconery than any other publisher in the world. I, and now under the sponsorship of the HWF,  have an extensive study going on following over 320 urban–suburban bald eagle nests in southern BC and Washington State. We just had a McGill University student under Dr. David Bird complete his MSc. Thesis here at the Foundation this year, largely building on our extensive bald eagle records.

My point is that raptors have been my life as with many of you and I wanted to utilize all my company’s published books, accumulated scientific data files, images and videos, our author contacts and my associations with falconers, scientists and rehabers to further raptor research and communications. The birds need it.

These  Raptor Research News reference files and the interactive discussion forums are to be a vehicle for furthering raptor research and public education.. The Hancock Wildlife Foundation  will be making any amount of web storage space available for text, images and videos  that will hopefully long outlast me. These files will be stored via the Foundation for posterity. Furthermore, as stated above Hancock House will be giving a percent of all Hancock House  wildlife book sales to the  Raptor Research News group to fund their members projects.   The Foundation will also accept donations, with the return of Taxable Receipts, so others can support your projects."

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