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Site Administration

This Raptor Research News  web site is based upon a content management system (CMS) called GLfusion which allows for fine-grained authorization of various administrative powers to members on an as-needed/wanted basis.  This means we can readily make some parts and programs within the site open to the public or closed for biologist members only. Similarly, some interactive Discussion Forums or parts thereof can be available and interactive with the public or kept private. 

Content may be added and edited by members through any of several different facilities, each oriented to specific uses; from discussion to drafting, editing, commentary and final publication of papers, news items, etc.

This is your site and we are looking for volunteers who can help with the administration of the site & assist in posting various items (site Admins); and also assisting others in doing so or double checking for politness & spamming (site Moderators). Then of course we absolutely require researchers & managers to post their data, the details of their studies and their needs, biographies and images or videos (site Content Providers).

Detailed information on the facilities available and how to operate these programs will be posted for the members and the Admins, Volunteer moderators and Content Providers  when the site is opened to the gemeral membership.

If you can help:  please contact  David Hancock  david@hancockwildlife.org