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Raptor Research and Management Techniques (Whole Book as PDF)

Preface to the Electronic Edition

Contents (as pdf)

Foreword (pdf)
LEONARD YOUNG, President The Raptor Research Foundation, Inc.
Preface (pdf)
Acknowledgments (pdf)


  1. The Raptor Literature (pdf)
    Lloyd Kiff, Rob G. Bijlsma, Lucia Liu Severinghaus, and Jevgeni Shergalin
  2. Raptor Identification, Ageing, and Sexing (pdf)
    William S. Clark
  3. Systematics (pdf)
    Michael Wink
  4. Study Design, Data Management, Analysis, and Presentation (pdf)
    James C. Bednarz
  5. Survey Techniques (pdf)
    David E. Andersen
  6. Migration Counts and Monitoring (pdf)
    Keith L. Bildstein, Jeff P. Smith, and Reuven Yosef
  7. Behavioral Studies (pdf)
    Giorgia Gaibani and Davide Csermely
  8. Food Habits (pdf)
    Carl D. Marti, Marc Bechard, and Fabian M. Jacksic
  9. Habitat Sampling (pdf)
    Luis Tapia, Patricia L. Kennedy, and R. William Mannan
  10. Accessing Nests (pdf)
    Joel E. Pagel and Russell K. Thorstrom
  11. Assessing Nesting Success and Productivity (pdf)
    Karen Steenhof and Ian Newton
  12. Capture Techniques (pdf)
    Peter H. Bloom, William S. Clark, and Jeff W. Kidd
  13. Marking Techniques (pdf)
    Daniel E. Varland, John A. Smallwood, Leonard S. Young, and Michael N. Kochert
  14. Spatial Tracking (pdf - all subsections)
    A. Radio Tracking (pdf)
    Sean S. Walls and Robert E. Kenward
    B. Satellite Tracking (pdf)
    Bernd-U. Meyburg and Mark R. Fuller
    C. Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements (pdf)
    Keith A. Hobson
  15. Energetics (pdf)
    Charles R. Blem
  16. Physiology (pdf - all subsections)
    A. Gastrointestinal (pdf)
    David C. Houston and Gary E. Duke
    B. Hematological (pdf)
    Deborah J. Monks and Neil A. Forbes
    C. Reproductive (pdf)
    Juan Blanco, David M. Bird, and Jamie H. Samour
  17. Pathology (pdf - all subsections)
    A. Disease (pdf)
    John E. Cooper
    B. Ectoparasites (pdf)
    James R. Philips
    C. Endoparasites (pdf)
    Oliver Krone
  18. Toxicology (pdf)
    Charles J. Henny and John E. Elliott
  19. Reducing Management and Research Disturbance (pdf)
    Robert N. Rosenfield, James W. Grier, and Richard W. Fyfe
  20. Mitigation (pdf)
    Richard E. Harness
  21. Captive Breeding (pdf)
    Joseph B. Platt, David M. Bird, and Lina Bardo
  22. Augmenting Wild Populations and Food Resources (pdf)
    Juan José, Josérasola, and John H. Barclay
  23. Rehabilitation (pdf)
    Patrick T. Redig, Lori Arent, Hugo Lopes, and Luis Cruz
  24. Public Education (pdf)
    Jemima Parry-Jones, Mike Nicholls, and Gail C. Farmer
  25. Legal Considerations (pdf)
    Brian A. Millsap, Margaret E. Cooper, and Geoffrey Holroyd

Appendix (pdf)
Common names and scientific names of raptors mentioned in the text 
Index (pdf)
The Editors (pdf)