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Membership: Who Has Access to the Raptor Research News Site and Files?

Raptor Research News has both publicly readable and private, member only areas. There are no areas that allow anonymous posting.

Professional Membership is generally restricted to those in the raptor research & management community, however there will be categories not only for financially supportive members but also for those who volunteer their time and efforts toward the extension of the scientific information presented here.

The general public membership categories and criteria will be posted shortly. In the mean time if you are part of the raptor scientific community please apply and we will get in touch with you to confirm your details.

NOTE: The following are some suggestions on various Membership categories for discussion:

Membership Categories & Criteria:

(a)Biologists & Managers:

  • The professional Groups for whom the site is designed.
  • This group is to be ‘approved’ before Sign-In priveledges, then they are capable of posting, of being given opportunity for biography, they can be volunteers with credentials who do the grunt work – ie the professional office staff who supported their biologists for 30 years!?!, or even such capable individuals trusted to do posting and become Volunteer Admins


i. Administration (Admins): Advisory Boards

ii Working Groups (WG): Biologists, managers, students and volunteerswho post,debate between colleagues,and operate site.

iii Public:

  • The viewing public but they will be encourage to get involved, volunteer to assist scientists (Citizen Scientists), and some, with expertise hopefully will volunteer to run part of this site.
  • Some of these will become part of the Volunteer Admin

Sub Categories (of Public):

  • Viewing Public: Not signed-in. All others must become members and sign in each time in order to view/participate
  • Contributing Members: Able to do Q&A, post to some Threads - May get a special News Letter: from Working Group.
  • Supporting Members: The Volunteer Admins: given rights & responsibilities policing public site, facilitating public participation. The keenest can be invited to work with HWF and the RNWorking Group to post and assemble Reference Files etc.
    Special Functions:
    1. - Administer Forums under Board.& Working Groups
    2. - Could also be Content Providers here.
    3. - Could be Research Coordinators to support a project.
  • Benefactors: The public who wish to contribute financially to the HWF or any of the Working Group projects. Probably set up Projects for support: Research, Education, Administration etc.
  • Fundraising Committee Members:Those with time and talent to help with this.

Contact: David Hancock David@hancockwildlife.org