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How Can I Help Raptor Research News?

What Does Raptor Research News Need From Me?

This site is nothing without input and direction from its members and followers. 

The site will contain reference material, be it full scientific periodicals, reprints, reviews, bilographies of the raptors and the raptor biologists, data files or fully released books, this is your site and what you want for your reference or for presentation to the public is up to you.

The Raptor Research Foundation and Hancock House Publishers has placed the full contents of the book Raptor Research and Management Techniques,  the RRF tome edited by David M. Bird and Keith L. Bildstein, onto the web for reference and discussion and in searchable form.  It is our hope and expectation that the papers and information in this book will form the core of an ongoing project to document the best practices and techniques in this huge arena; that of studying and managing the raptor populations of our planet.

We are hoping that appropriately qualified individuals, starting with the Chapter authors, will take upon themselves the discussion and updating of each of chapter,  and add in  new sections or topics as they are needed.  This is to be an evolving site for raptor students and their expanding knowledge.  The original book structure will remain as originally published so it can effectively be referenced and cited.  The new discussions, supplemented data files etc. will be added in related forums and reference files attached.

We will need biologists and volunteers to direct and administer the Forums, and perhaps have some public participation in a Q & A format. Hancock House and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation will be generously giving support, donations of books etc, a percentage of all books, videos, print or other wildlife sales are to come to the HWF/Raptor News administration committee to fund projects that they decide upon. The HWF / Raptor News group will also be fundraising for their projects and the HWF will accept donations and issue receipts. As funds become available for research or educational purposes we want the Raptor News Appropriation Committees to be entirely from outside HH or HWF.

Researchers and Educators

From the scientists we want you to use this site and its potential to assist your research and dialog with resource managers and students... We wish to encourage your participation with our or other  streaming videos, where applicable, to encouraging the plethera of  "citizen scientists"  that are begging to help.

From educators and retired workers in this field we want your time and energy to drive the site, to help enter data, to do book or paper reviews, to assist in getting data files entered.  The retired secretaries, administrators and lab workers can now derive more pleasure and satisfaction by continuing to contribute.

This is a site that after being a research tool is about “stewardship”, about getting the information on our resources into the right hands and schools. We need committed volunteers.

Volunteer efforts needed with wide range of skills:

(i)  Are you organized? Can you type? Do you have computer skills?
(ii)  Can you help post various Scientists Life Works to the web (we have several such waiting for processing already)?
(iii)  Can you help answer public questions?
(iv)  Can you assist others in how to post etc? I.E. become an Admin?
(v)   Bald Eagle Nest Record Scheme needs revional supervisors.
(vi)  Can you help with interfacing with the other HWF Public Forums?
(vi)  Can you assist the researchers with grant proposals, fundraising?

 And perhaps you could make a Donation to support the work or a specific project of your liking or region.

          These will be listed shortly.

Please contact David Hancock at: david@hancockwildlife.org