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Hunting tactics of Peregrines and other falcons (Whole Book as PDF)
Dick Dekker

Preface to the Electronic Edition

Contents (pdf version)

Abstract (pdf version)

Voorwoord (pdf version)

Samenvatting (pdf version)

Foreword (pdf version)

Chapter 1. Introduction, study areas, and methods (pdf version)

Chapter 2. Peregrine migrations in Alberta (pdf version)

Chapter 3. Hunting strategies of migrating Peregrines (pdf version)

Chapter 4. Duck hunting by migrating and wintering Peregrines (pdf version)

Chapter 5. Foraging habits of wintering Peregrines (pdf version)

Chapter 6. Marine Peregrines hunting seabirds (pdf version)

Chapter 7. Over-ocean flocking by wintering Dunlins (pdf version)

Chapter 8. Peregrine predation on Dunlins in relation to ocean tides (pdf version)

Chapter 9. Peregrine prey selection and eagle interference (pdf version)

Chapter 10. Cooperative hunting by parent Peregrines and their fledglings (pdf version)

Chapter 11. A comparison of Peregrines and Merlins hunting small shorebirds and passerines (pdf version)

Chapter 12. Nest site competition between Peregrines and Prairie Falcons (pdf version)

Chapter 13. Gyrfalcons and Prairie Falcons hunting city pigeons (pdf version)

Chapter 14. Gyrfalcons and Bald Eagles hunting wintering Mallards (pdf version)

Chapter 15. Herfsttrek en jachtgewoontes van de Slechtvalk in Friesland (pdf version)

Chapter 16. Discussion and synthesis (pdf version)

Acknowledgements (pdf version)

Literature Cited (pdf version)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)