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Bald Eagles of Alaska - Section: 51 Page: 423 - American Bald Eagles At Home in the World

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Bald Eagles of Alaska - Chapter: Section-51 - American Bald Eagles At Home in the World - Page: BEIA_0423 Image#: 0

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Hans C. Fluehler

Businessman, Montreal, Quebec, Canada To any naturalist in the world certain place names carry overtones of excitement and longing. One of these is Alaska, name of a state famous for untouched wilderness, wildlife and relative remoteness from the usual haunts of mankind. Unfortunately for nature and for wildlife, this beautiful balance is being put to the test more and more. Alaska's much cherished clean environment is losing its lustre. The Exxon Valdez oil spill brought us all to a brutal awakening. The world followed in dismay the pollution of shorelines and the struggle for survival by entrapped waterfowl, seals, otters, eagles and other species. Our wildlife, our environment, became victims of the failure of a whole industrialized nation. All the finesse of modern world technology could not help. A juvenile Bald Eagle. Photo by Mike Jacobson. Fortunately, wise people in Alaska and other parts of the world have been observing the steady degeneration of nature, the brutal and careless grab of land, the destruction of wildlife and the pollution of air and water. Although not always popular, they have


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