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Bald Eagles of Alaska - Section: 2 Page: 7 - Preface

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Bruce A. Wright~,~ James G. Eing~ and
G. Vernon Byrd4

iAleutian Pribilof Islands Association, 2Conservation Science Institute, 3U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, retired, 4Alaska Maritime NWR, 95 Sterling Hwy, Homer, AK 99603

In November 1990 the University of Alaska, Southeast (UAS) and the Bald Eagle
Research Institute hosted a symposium on Bald Eagles in Juneau, Alaska. The original
intent was to provide a reader for the UAS correspondence study course, Bald Eagles in
Alaska's Coastal Rain Forest, but there was also a plan to publish the proceedings.

For various reasons, the work was not published in a timely fashion. After the passage of
so many years, we almost abandoned this project because only "hard copies" of original
contributions were available. Nevertheless, our "ad hoc" team decided that the
information contained in these papers is important enough to justify the time and energy
required to produce this book. We could not have done it without the significant
contribution of Sharon Baur at Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, who
methodically scanned every page, photograph and graphic from the only extant complete
set of manuscripts.

Clearly, additional information has been learned about eagles in Alaska since these
papers were written in 1990, but we have not asked all authors to update their
contributions from the original symposium. Indeed some of the authors are now
deceased. We did include some recent, invited contributions to make the volume a more
complete picture of Alaska's Bald Eagles at the end of the 20'" century. All papers have
been peer reviewed.

We believe this book is still the best compilation of information about Bald Eagles in
Alaska and therefore will be useful to scientists, resource managers, students and the
public. Therefore we are pleased to offer this compilation to major libraries in Alaska and
via the internet.

The volume should be cited as:

Wright, B. A. and P. F. Schempf, eds. 2008. Bald Eagles in Alaska. Bald Eagle Research

Institute, University of Alaska Southeast, 11120 Glacier Hwy., Juneau, Alaska


Citations for individual papers would be for example:

Isleib, M. E. "Pete." 2008. Avian Resources of Southeast Alaska: A Brief Review and

Their Importance to Eagles. Pages 68-71. In: Wright, B. A. and P. F. Schempf,

eds. Bald Eagles in Alaska.

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