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About   Raptor Research News  --  What is it?


Raptor Research News is a web site designed for communications between raptor biologists, resource managers and in parts it will be open to the public and schools.. 
The site will contain various reference files and interactive programs to encourage private discussions between the members and, in some cases,  interaction with the public.  The site will have direct links to member research sites and to the HWF Live Streaming Raptor sites.  The site will offer unlimited space for storage and even streaming video archives and house important data files, including complete books & scientific papers and reviews,  biographies, photo albums and whatever the biologists and educators need. 
A key element will be the placement on the site, perhaps in more than one language, the entire searchable content of Raptor Research and Management Techniques, the Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) keystone work edited by David M. Bird and Keith L. Bildstein.  This basic document will  be made available by Hancock House Publishers  in cooperation with the owners RRF and authors  to facilitate the speedier access to and updating of these cornerstone tool of research and management. .The existing Chapter authors and others will be encouraged to oversee the discussions within their topic specialty.  The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, a not-for-profit society is supporting and coordinating this site.
Other titles like Hunting tactics of Peregrines and other falcons by Dick Dekker, Bald Eagles in Alaska edited by Bruce A. Wright and Phil Schumpf  will soon be totally on line.  If you want your book or research papers on-line please contact David@hancockwildlife.org
Where desirable we will open some of the files and Discussion Threads to the public for dialog and Q&A, and the site will serve as a fundraising source for various members  raptor research projects.



David Hancock 


Raptor biologist &

President, HWF.

Trustee, ABEF