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Biologist, author, and publisher David Hancock reports on his activities in and around the raptor world. From his work with the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, the American Bald Eagle Foundation and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, to work in and around Vancouver with government and business in preserving and extending bald eagle habitat, David is incredibly active and passionate in his work with raptors.


What Drives the Number of Eagle Nests in a Territory?

Alternative Bald Eagle Nests - a Plethora in Some Areas - Not in Others- Why?

(reprint from Hancock Wildlife Foundation)

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In most of nature there are usually multiply reasons why some behavior or action takes place. 

Why do some eaqles  make several nests? In other active territories only one nest is ever found. Obviously some make a new nest to replace one that has been destroyed by the weather. The nest used for several years very successfully, simply rotted out and fell, partially or wholly to the ground.  In other cases the tree blew over.  In many of the urban areas the availability of strong cedar, Sitka spruce or